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20 December 2007

Cancelled Club Nights

Please take note. We shall have no club nights on the following dates: 12th February 2008 (School half term). 25th March 2008 (school event), 1st April 2008 (Easter) and  27th May 2008 (Bank Holiday).
The last club night before the break is 15th July 2008

Carrying Knives on Club Nights

Please take note: Knives on your equipment are not allowed. Please check before coming into the sports hall. There is a one to two thousand pound fine if you are caught.
Also a reminder: NO CARBON ARROWS.

Club members please note. Your membership is to be renewed on 31st March 2008 . The NFAS has also changed this from 1st January so do not worry, your memberships are still legal.
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New New Year to you all.
Keep yer arrows straight and yer bow bent!

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