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18 September 2008

Bell End Farm

The majority of you will already be aware we have experienced a flood in the Dingle at the farm on the evening of Saturday 6th September, 2008, this carried on down into Belbroughton village causing extensive damage all round.

The cause was a land slide further up the valley because of all the rain we have experienced of late, this fell into the lake and caused a tidal wave which crashed into the slush gates taking them straight out and obviously the only place for the water to go was down the valley.

Elaine Richard and I would like everyone to be mindful of the fact that a lot of people are in a far worse situation than us.

The only damage we have is infrastructure with the loss of one 2d (which we feel may be retrievable from the five foot dam we have down stream and some bosses). No one is more upset than Elaine, Richard or I – the hard work that the few have done is not lost!

Malcolm had many set backs in his archery years but always came back stronger than ever and this is what we intend to do.

We have shoot dates pencilled in for 2nd November and 26th December, 2008. I have told Elaine and Richard to continue to move forward to these dates. We shall continue to take peoples booking and will ask contact numbers for all those wishing to attend. They will be told of the situation and we will be working until the twelfth hour, should further set backs arrive these people will be notified and a new date arranged. (More rain down fall that means). We have to be realistic no one can shoot ‘The Dingle’ if safety is an issue. There is a suspension in place until further notice for members wishing to shoot the course that is left.

Working parties are welcome and information of what is required will be posted shortly. However, a telephone call to Richard 07812245159 in the mean time would bring anyone who wishes up to speed. I shall be down every Saturday and Sunday until further notice cooking bacon sandwiches for breakfast from 9 am on wards, and beef burgers and hot dogs for lunch, tea and coffee for all those who come to help free of charge.
Again, I reiterate No person’s are to shoot ‘The Dingle’ until it is all back together.
We understand fully there will be those who have children who will want to help, – you do this at your own risk, keep your children on the high ground in eye shot , this goes without saying its common sense. Children are more than happy to carry a small piece of debris and throw it on the pile ready for Edward to burn. It makes them feel they are doing their bit! It is not safe for them to go onto the left hand side of the course were the damage is!
Any queries contact Richard on 07812245159.

Keep yer arrows straight and yer bow bent!

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